Jaipur to Pushker Cab

SEDAN Rs.3550/- Extra Rs.11.5/Km | SUV Rs. 4250/- Extra Rs.15/Km
Innova Rs. 5200/- Extra Rs.16/Km | Innova Crysta Rs.6100/- Extra Rs.18/Km
Note :- KM limit will be 300 km only extra km will be pay by client directly.

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam ji Taxi

SEDAN Rs.2850/- Extra Rs.11.5/Km | SUV Rs. 3450/- Extra Rs.15/Km
Innova Rs. 3875/- Extra Rs.16/Km | Innova Crysta Rs.4750/- Extra Rs.18/Km
Note :- KM limit will be 300 km only extra km will be pay by client directly.

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Rose day Ideas for your Girlfriend to make her fall in love again

In the hustle-bustle of life, we often tend to miss out on moments to express our love and appreciation towards our partners. Women being better at multi-tasking than men, tends to handle work and relationships easily. Whereas for men it’s often a difficult situation when their partner starts feeling ignored and unloved. Therefore, Special days are celebrated worldwide to express love and affection towards each other. One such globally celebrated day is Rose Day, which is celebrated on 7th of February every year to mark the on-set of the Valentines Week.

We all know that women love roses. No matter what mood they are in, a rose from their love can instantly cheer them up. So this Rose Day, make up to her with these Rose Day celebration ideas for 2022 and rekindle your love.

Midnight Magic

Plan a romantic night for her right from the stroke of midnight. Rope in her best friend and send them off for a movie making sure that she can get back home right before midnight. In the meanwhile, you can decorate your bedroom with tiny lights and of course, lots of roses! Don’t forget to keep the champagne chiller ready and pick her favorite romantic movie. She will be wonderfully surprised once she is back and you both will have a guaranteed memorable night.

Surprise All Day

Nothing can make a woman happier than sweet surprises from her love. Handpick special Rose Day Gifts for Girlfriend and arrange for them to be given to her at different times of the day. Start by waking up before her that day and placing a bouquet of roses by her side, so that she gets to see them first thing after getting up. Then throughout the day place her gifts in the most unexpected of places, like the washroom rack, inside the fridge, in her lingerie drawer etc. Also if she is going to work then they and arrange for deliveries at her workplace. She will belated to be treated so special in front of her office colleagues and for sure will fall in love with you all over again.

Dare to Date

For any woman, getting time and attention from her man is much more valuable than any material gift. This Rose Day more than anything, gift her your companionship. Take the day off and plan to spend time it with her. Take her on a outation tour trip and do things that you both can enjoy together. Order for some fresh roses and rose day special gift for her and she is surely going to be flattered. If you do a little homework, you can find numerous ideas to plan the perfect date for her and create some wonderful memories together. Apart from this, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day by going to another city like Jaipur, Pushkar, Agra, DelhiDehradun, Shimla, etc. with your partner, then you can book outstation tour package from Yatri Vahan.

Party All Night

Whatever the occasion may be, music and dance can always make it special. This Rose Day, take her clubbing or pub hopping. Look for some Rose Day Gift Ideas and get her the perfect party dress and let her look gorgeous for the occasion. You can as well dress up in style and then take her to some of the best clubs in your city. But be sure to visit the clubs that has good music and service, because bad music can be a big turn off. So just pick the best of them and set off. They say a couple that drinks together, stays together. So enjoy those crazy shots with your lady love and dance the night away.

Shower With Flowers

If you are someone who likes to keep things traditional and old school then flatter her with roses right from midnight till the end of the day. You can get any service providers for Flower Delivery On Valentine Day and Rose Day. They are trust worthy and also convenient. All you have to do is choose the colors and quantity of roses, specify the time of the delivery and make the payment online. To make it a little more special, you can have personalized messages attached to the flowers telling her why you love her or how special she is to you. Your lady love will be presented with these flowers and messages all through the day and when at the end of the day her room is filled with bouquets she is definitely going to fall for you for the second time.

Reignite your love life on the occasion of Rose Day and enjoy with your beloved the little moments of joy that tends to become memories for the lifetime. If you want to celebrate rose daye out of city on this valentine days 2022 with your lady partner, then book the best taxi tour packages at lowest price from Yatri Vahan.

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